By: Leonie Tait On: March 20, 2018 In: Digital Marketing, Insurance Comments: 0

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have evolved a lot over the years, and so too have the ways we measure their success. When digital marketing first took off, we went from making what we hoped were educated guesses about where best to place our ads to knowing exactly how many...

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By: Leonie Tait On: March 14, 2018 In: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing Comments: 0

At Kanetix Ltd., we love to try new things, so when our partners at Google first approached us to test smart (or automated) bidding on our brands’ Google Adwords campaigns, we jumped at the chance. We became one of the first insurance advertisers in Canada to utilize Google’s machine...

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By: Kole McRae On: March 12, 2018 In: Digital Marketing Comments: 0

Audience management is an often overlooked part of digital marketing. Courses in digital marketing never discuss it; boot camps certainly don’t touch it; and very few keynotes I’ve attended have praised its importance. Yet, there is much evidence of what it can do. Take for example, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles....

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By: Andrew Lo On: March 08, 2018 In: Work Culture Comments: 0

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the leaders at Kanetix Ltd. share why it is important to empower women to become leaders and pursue careers in the technology field. The majority of leadership roles in Canada have historically been held by men. In fact,in a study conducted by Osler, Harcourt...

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By: Andrew Lo On: March 01, 2018 In: Artificial Intelligence, Insurance Comments: 0

We are really proud to have hosted a fantastic Livestream webinar on “Innovation in Insurance” with Insurance Institute of Canada.  Watch Andrew Lo of Kanetix Ltd., Marc Lipman of AIG Insurance and Chris Murumets of Cookhouse Lab in a great discussion that focuses on the future of Insurance Industry.

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By: Andrew Lo On: February 02, 2018 In: Artificial Intelligence Comments: 0

The excitement over smart speakers is too loud to ignore and provides great opportunity for those insurance companies that are willing to listen. Last summer, Kanetix Ltd. celebrated an industry first when we launched the ability for Canadians to ask Google Home for auto insurance quotes and mortgage rates...

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By: Andrew Lo On: January 30, 2018 In: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing Comments: 0

How consumers are using technology today for needs of everyday life such as communications and purchasing is deeply having an impact on how they want to purchase and use insurance going forward. The insurance industry is pouring billions of dollars into changing both the consumer experience and associated back-end...

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By: Andrew Lo On: January 26, 2018 In: Artificial Intelligence Comments: 0

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, smart speaker adoption and smart technology integration were the talk of the town. Google, a company notorious for having minimal presence at CES, returned to the conference with a stand-alone booth exhibiting their smart speaker system Google Home. Google Home is in direct...

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By: Andrew Lo On: January 22, 2018 In: Insurance Comments: 0

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is famous for unveiling the latest research and innovation in technology, and CES 2018 did not disappoint. Companies are eager to reveal what’s new in artificial intelligence (AI), driverless vehicles, consumer electronics and more, and the conference always offers an opportunity...

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By: Ian McLean On: December 19, 2017 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Online businesses should focus on A/B testing. After all, improving the conversion rate of your website traffic is going to give you a better return on your marketing spend, so why not focus efforts there? Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of how well you get customers to...

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