Our Vision: At Kanetix Ltd., we aim to help every Canadian make better money decisions.

Our Mission: We strive to give you more choices, more time and more money in your wallet.  And, we make it easy by using the latest technology.

Our Job: Whether it’s a mortgage, car insurance or debt consolidation, we’re here to help you make better choices when faced with life’s biggest money decisions.

By offering comprehensive product comparisons, educational content, industry news, financial tools like calculators, renewal reminders and rate alerts, we help you find the best insurance rates, mortgage rates, credit cards and banking products. We showcase the options and choices available to you, so you can make confident money decisions and purchases.

Our efforts don’t stop at our consumer-facing brands. We also work directly with the country’s top insurers, banks, credit unions and brokers to help them improve their tools and technology to give Canadians more choice and better products.