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Today’s businesses depend not only on customers landing on their websites, but on having those potential customers complete a goal. Depending on your company and the web property itself, your goals may range from ecommerce (completing a purchase), traffic (viewing a particular page or blog post), getting a lead (having them enter information), and so on. Many marketers are familiar with using analytics tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and other programs to gauge the success of these goals, but numbers only tell half the story. To get a better understanding of what users do on your site, you need a more detailed view to create a holistic picture of what’s working and what isn’t. Enter screen recording software.

What is screen recording technology?

Screen recording software solutions exist to help provide that extra layer of insight into what your users are experiencing onsite—what they’re clicking, where they’re looking, and what captures their attention. There are many different screen recording software solutions out there that can track a user’s actual actions on a page. They can display where a user’s mouse rolls on a page, where their fingers touch on a mobile device, and show form fills as they travel through your site. Screen recording solutions vary from heatmaps to recording a user’s actions on a page and providing you with video files for viewing. Combined with analytics, this tracking gives you more robust insight into not only where the customer goes on your site, but what they encountered while navigating through your workflows. KTXLtd-014-2018_Blog_Protips This can highlight opportunities for improvement to help increase your conversion on site and improve the overall customer experience.

4 screen recording solutions Kanetix Ltd. recommends:

At Kanetix Ltd. we’ve used several screen recording solutions across our various properties both internally and via the solutions we provide our clients. Each tool has unique features, but all offer a way to increase your “Know Your Customer” value. These are some of the solutions we’ve worked with, but there are plenty of others out there and we encourage you to do your due diligence in finding the screen recording technology that aligns with your business, marketing, and budgeting goals. Take advantage of free trials to see which tool is right for you.



Inspectlet offers session recording, heatmaps, and javascript tagging integration to allow you to identify individual users and filter by behaviour and other variables. You can define conversion funnels to evaluate the user’s journey on route to your goal—including where they dropped off in the process. As part of Kanetix Ltd’s Conversion Rate Optimization program, we’ve used Inspectlet’s tagging ability to help identify particular users through different test variations to great success.  Being able to filter directly to users encountering a new page treatment allowed us to improve and iterate on new idea creation to maximize future tests.



SessionCam offers session replay, heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics, customer journey mapping, as well as error, struggle and anomaly detection. It can integrate with other tools you’re using including web analytics, tag management, A/B testing and other platforms. A major feature of their platform is their automated Customer Struggle score. Using machine learning technologies, the platform identifies where your customers are experiencing the most friction through the funnel. This then allows you to hone in on what areas to improve in order to maximize their journey.



Hotjar is another solution that provides screen recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, and various feedback mechanisms, from surveys to polls.  With simple installation, their platform allows you to quickly start gaining insights to users’ onsite behaviour. Various Kanetix Ltd. websites use Hotjar services to help identify what draws a user’s attention on page and how to improve their overall site experience. Support for single page apps has really expanded the flexibility of their offerings.



UserTesting.com offers something a little different by facilitating usability testing and user research through live conversations and self-guided user tests. It can help you identify struggles that your customers might experience in regards to your product, marketing efforts, design and user experience, and more, all while validating ideas and giving you actionable feedback. We like that it works on single page apps, has functions that allow you to fast forward through videos, and offers testing options across multiple devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. Like with any screen recording technology, however, it can be time consuming to watch the videos of your users performing tasks. There are also limits to the number of individuals who can participate in a single session. That said, it’s still a good way to get feedback from actual humans, which can tell us things computer generated data can’t.

Additional solutions worth exploring:

Others worth considering include:

Before you purchase a solution, consider the features you need and ask yourself:

  • Is the software compatible with your tech stack?
  • Can you gain enough insights to make it worth the expense?
  • Do you have the necessary resources to review the video feeds?
  • Will it record the data you’re looking for?
  • Can it mask your user’s personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive personal information (SPI) such as their name, credit card information, biometric records, etc?
  • Does the software have a limit to sample sizes?
  • Do you need the software to include the ability to label your user types based on other factors (a/b testing, regional differences)?

Key takeaways

While screen recordings offer great insight into what customers are doing on a site, they don’t always tell you exactly why they are doing what they’re doing. Sometimes it is still necessary to find out the actual motivation of the user and why they aren’t completing that next step in their customer journey. This is where additional user research and usability testing might come into play, or perhaps combining usability testing with screen recording technologies to amplify or better define your inquiry. Can you talk to your consumers directly to find out the other missing pieces? Are there external factors that are limiting them? Do they not trust your brand? If you’re looking for rich data that can provide valuable insight into your customers’ behaviour when they’re on your site and/or using your application, screen recording programs can help you better understand the full picture. There are countless solutions out there. If you’re looking for more insight into why your customers are dropping off, not converting, or abandoning the funnel, screen recording technologies can help. We’re happy to provide more detailed analysis about our experiences and help set you up for success by implementing screen recording technologies in your marketing and conversation rate optimization efforts.

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Ian is Director, Conversion Rate Optimization at Kanetix Ltd, with over a decade of insights on improving existing processes, tools to help in that endeavour, and creating exceptional customer experiences.  Beyond his family his passions include all kinds of athletic undertakings, keeping up on tech trends, the Leafs, and gadgets of all kinds.

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