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We are really proud to have hosted a fantastic Livestream webinar on “Leveraging Machine Learning for Digital Marketing Success” with Insurance-Canada

The way the insurance industry acquires customers is changing, and customer expectations for how they engage with companies digitally is speeding up that rate of change. In just a few years, our capabilities, our access to data and the tools available on the market to acquire customers digitally have changed even more rapidly. The application of machine learning in digital customer acquisition is one such innovation that is shaping how companies compete in the digital sphere.

In this webinar, Kanetix Ltd. will share its learnings on successfully implementing end-to-end tracking and deploying machine learning technology in their digital marketing operations in order to have a significant impact on the bottom line.

What was in it for those who attended ?

As an insurance company, you have the advantage of owning massive data. Why not leverage this data to accurately track an entire customer journey via online campaigns and to gain more control over your margin from this source of traffic?

Learnings from the webinar:

  1. An overview of a machine learning solution available to digital advertisers in the insurance industry.
  2. Why end-to-end tracking of your funnel is key to achieving success in digital marketing.
  3. How to leverage machine learning capabilities available in search marketing to improve efficiency within your digital operations.

About the author:


As President & CEO, Andrew Lo leads all digital innovation and operations for Kanetix Ltd., Canada’s largest digital customer acquisition platform for insurance and financial services.  He is also a Business Strategy Advisor for Ryerson University’s DMZ helping to develop digital entrepreneurs and startup companies at the #1 University Incubator in the world.
Andrew has 25 years of experience as a business, technology and digital leader for FinTech companies such as Filogix and D+H (now Finastra), and has developed organizations from startups into industry shaping ventures.

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