By: Andrew Lo On: March 08, 2018 In: Work Culture Comments: 0

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the leaders at Kanetix Ltd. share why it is important to empower women to become leaders and pursue careers in the technology field.

The majority of leadership roles in Canada have historically been held by men. In fact,in a study conducted by Osler, Harcourt & Hoskin LLP, it was discovered that out of the 5,396 board positions among 692 companies in Canada, women only held 14.5 per cent of those board seats in 2017.

Moreover, men have traditionally dominated the technology industry, as stereotypes play out early in the lives of young girls and boys. While homemaking skills and the like are marketed to girls through toys, education, and television programs from a young age, boys are encouraged to develop trade and technical skills.

“Nine out of ten resumés we receive for open tech positions within our company are from male candidates,” says Andrew Lo, President and CEO of Kanetix Ltd.

However, as Canada’s fastest-growing insurance and financial technology company, Kanetix Ltd. challenges these trends by featuring a leadership team that is 50 per cent male, and 50 per cent female.

Kanetix Ltd. has also held tours of its office for the girls of the YWCA through HoHoTO and continues to sponsor HoHoTO’s annual holiday event.

Thanks to initiatives like the Girls’ Tech Tour presented by HoHoTO and the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre, girls are able to participate in interactive activities and discussions with women professionals in the technology and science-related fields. These tours allow them to discover new careers paths, and witness how technology is applied across numerous varied industries – from media to fashion to finance.

Kanetix Ltd. will continue to support HoHoTO and the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre in teaching girls that technology is not “just for boys.” By teaching young women to be founders, funders and professionals in the technology industry, we can cultivate a new generation that sees no boundaries set by gender.

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